March 10, 2013

How to make a Fire Starter out of Twine and Wax

 The Twine and Wax fire starter is one of the easiest fire starters to make and is very effective.  My recent batch took under ten minutes to make.  All you will need is twine and wax.

First you will need to boil water.  Then put a glass container with wax into the pot.

While you are waiting for your water to boil cut the twine into 6 inch strips.

Stick the strips into the wax and stir around until the twine is fully coated with wax.

Take the twine out and let it dry.

Once dried we found the best storage place is in a prescription container.  Which you can get at your local Pharmacy.
When you want to light the twine pull it apart and fluff it up.  This gives it more surface area to catch fire.  The less you  pull apart the longer it burns

I like to use Flint and Steel to ignite the twine , took only 2 strikes and the twine started on fire.

The twine burns for around a minute which is plenty of time to start your fire.

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