September 7, 2013

Beertack - Yuengling Oktoberfest Review

Yuengling Oktoberfest

Over the next four weeks in honor of Oktoberfest in Munich, we'll be reviewing four Oktoberfest Beers.

Pours a dark amber color with a minimal colored head.  Tastes of a doughy pretzel which reminded me of the pretzel I had in Munich.  There is also a hint of malt and caramel.  Goes down smooth which I found to be because of its watered down nature.  I don't think I would purchase this beer again.

Serving Type: Pint Glass
Served At: Fridge Temperature

Verdict: Have a friend buy it for me

September 1, 2013

Instead of Rent - September 2013

Gear I'd rather spent this months rent on.

Red Wing Shoes No. 1907 Moc Toe
Price: $260 at Red Wing Heritage

 Smart Wool Adventure Socks
Price: $10.80 at Sierra Trading Post

Eddie Bauer Alchemist 40L Backpack
Price: $209 at Eddie Bauer

August 29, 2013

Algonquin Park // Unswamping a Canoe

Camping in the heavily used campsites of Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada you learn one thing.  None of the campsites have any fire wood.  All the dead wood is used up by all the previous campers.  So the easiest way for us to collect a substantial amount of wood was to canoe to a heavily wooded area and collect fallen  trees.  Then using the canoe as a barge we took all our finding back to camp.  On one of our wood runs we managed to get a whole tree into the canoe.  All of the weight was on one side of the canoe, which I could offset with my own weight.  This was working out until the canoe hit a patch of wind, causing the canoe to flip over, throwing me into the water.  I swam back to the canoe and hopped in.  Even though the canoe was submerged with water I was still able to paddle the canoe back to shore. I flipped the canoe upside down and lifted it out of the water to empty as much water as I could.  The canoe was now light enough so I could drag it out of the water and empty it.  I then went to go change into dry clothes, while my uncle and cousins filled the canoe once again so we could have a fire that night.  It was a fun experience and a refresher on how to unswamp a canoe.

August 16, 2013

Who shot Captain Cutler?

Recently I volunteered at NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) a Boy Scout Camp that teaches Leadership in a troop setting.  Throughout the week we filmed a video to go along with our program.  The basic plot is "Captain Cutler" who the camp is named after is killed.  NYLT enlists the program studs to solve the mystery.  Watch the Adventure below.

Part I

Part II

August 1, 2013

Instead of Rent - August 2013

Gear I'd rather spent this months rent on.

Lynx 4' Two Man Saw
Price: $149.99 at WoodCraft

Suunto Core All Black
Price: $299.99 at Suunto

Camelbak Eddy .75L
Price:  $15 at Camelbak

July 28, 2013

Hiking Acadia National Park

I recently had the chance to take a Canadian Cruise with my entire family.  It was much needed, since I have not seen my cousins in a while and they are growing up so fast.  One of the benefits of a Cruise is everyday you visit a new port with new opportunities and adventures.  Our first stop was Acadia National Park, located in Bar Harbor Maine.

When we arrived in port we walked around the town.  The town is set up for tourism, most shops had the basic cheap merchandise you tend to expect from a tourism town.  We made our way to the public transportation office which offers buses throughout the park.  If you ever visit Bar Harbor I would recommend using the buses to get around the park, a timely and cheap way of transportation.  Our first stop was Sievr De Monts Spring.  Which turns out to be a small pool of water that bubbles.  At first glance we didn't think this little pool was Sievr De Monts Spring, so we took a hike up the side of a mountain to try and find it.  Our trail was carved through the stone of the mountain.  With each step the sun grew hotter and slowed our pace.  Remember I was used to being served five course meals in the comfort of an air conditioned dining room.  We didn't reach the top because of time constraints and of fear of missing the next bus.  The hike rewarded us with a view of the park and the town of Bar Harbor below.

Sievr De Monts Spring

Next we headed towards Sand Beach, one of Acadia's most popular destinations.  With the temperature in the high 90's the beach was packed.  Took a short break to stick our feet in the water and take in the beautiful views.  My Dad and I then decided to hike through the trees to get a better view of the area.  Climbing up wet rocks and hiking through tall grass made it a bit challenging, but there was a great sense of adventure.  We explored the park a little more, but our ship left port early so I wasn't able to explore the park as much as I would of liked.

June 11, 2013

Backwoods Hike

Recently spent some time at Lake Canandaigua enjoying the water and the beach.  I could only stand that so long so Thrain and I took a hike on a creek bed through the backwoods of Canandaigua.  I had hiked this trail once when I was younger, but slid down one of the waterfalls and hurt myself.  There are about 8 to 9 different waterfalls on the trail, but since we didn't have water shoes our progress was slowed down and only got to see two waterfalls. At the second waterfall we stopped and ate lunch which consisted of smushed pb & j and trail mix.  Afterwards we climbed the waterfall and found that it was much harder to climb down, then to climb up.  We walked back and still had enough time to enjoy the beautiful lake of Canandaigua.